The best credentials are those that are earned today.

Live Oak Community Development was founded with the firm belief that the principles of fundraising are important, but the process must be customized for every community and its unique culture. A one-size fits all approach is no longer relevant. And it no longer works. At Live Oak we build our business around yours.

We bring an approach to fundraising that is adapted to suit your needs. Our focus is on you, what your community needs, and how you define success. Our experience will inform our work, but it will not define our approach. You will.

Arty Allen, Chief Executive Officer

Arty has been helping non-profits raise funds for more than 20 years, and has worked hand-in-hand with organizations across the country to raise more than $200 million for their communities. Arty understands all facets of campaign management; from program development, feasibility assessment, and leadership recruitment, to solicitations.

Arty has a BA in Mathematics and a MBA in Finance from the University of Houston. He is active in his community and has served on the Roswell East Rotary Club Board of Directors, Citizens Advisory Board for the Roswell Police Department, Board of Advisors for First Colony Bank, and Board of Directors for the Atlanta Sales and Marketing Executives. He has three adult children and three wonderful grandchildren. Arty is an avid tennis player, will occasionally hit a golf ball, loves to hike, and is an amateur photographer.